Atheists Don’t Hate Like This

A friend recently made me aware of a potential type of “genocide” brewing in Uganda. I thought, “well it is Uganda and haven’t they been embroiled in all sorts of conflict over the years?” 

 However, this is a new twist involving human rights, and it appears that this death march for gays was instigated by Christians. I am not bashing an entire group here.  Many Christians are good people and have already spoken out against this policy abroad.

Instead of being negative about Christians, I am attempting to point out something positive about non-believers. I am simply saying that such deafening hate and murder rarely comes from us Atheists (at least not as a movement), who are often marred with a reputation for being amoral. While of course, I won’t claim we are the victims here. I offer this as an example that there needs to be  more acknowledgement that Atheists are often the opposite of hate in these types of religiously-based, fear mongering scenarios, as we have no reason to assign morality to personal characteristics. 

Ok, enough rant. I promised an approach to making Atheism positive here.

**If you would like to condemn these outrageous violations contact your legislatures and tell them that we have an obligation to stand up for human rights before the killing continues and people are imprisoned from such hate.  If you need to find your congressperson click here: Contact Your Senators

Contacting your congressperson is not a futile act since congress doesn’t take up any issue until voices become numerous enough. Take Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for instance. He first said he was “to busy” to deal with the issue, but later capitulated after he heard from enough Americans. See this  Think Progress Article for an explanation of why Chuck Grassley is a salient figure here. 

If you would like to know more about the evolution of this check out this video:


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